Counselling is a talking therapy; a way of exploring issue/ concerns one may be experiencing , with a qualified and experience person who are trained to listen to you without judging or advising you.

Often in life we may feel unable to cope, we may feel trapped and lost and need to talk to someone outside of our family or friends. Perhaps we may be reacting in an unhelpful way based on our past experiences, some of which could stem from our childhood. This is when counselling and psychotherapy become helpful.

Taking time to talk to an experience therapist will give you a better understanding of yourself and your situation. Counselling can provide you with an emotionally secure space where you can feel supported enough to voice out difficult feelings and exploring what you may want to change and gives you a deeper understanding of yourself. The focus of the session is on individual and relationships and on what makes you feel the way you do. Therapy looks at the whole person and beyond the current problem to help you achieve long term change.

The important factor in the process of therapy is the working relationship that develops between you and your therapist.